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Blood Pressure Monitor WatchBP Home

General Information

  • Self blood pressure monitoring by patients at home has been endorsed by hypertension societies as an important adjunct to the conventional office blood pressure measurements
  • The Microlife WatchBP Home is designed to provide reliable and unbiased patients home readings, strictly following the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) recommendations*
  • The accuracy of the monitor has been clinically validated according to ESH protocol

*European Society of Hypertension recommendations for conventional,
ambulatory and home blood pressure measurement

O'Brien E, Asmar R, Beilin L, Imai Y, Mallion JM, Mancia G, Mengden T, Myers M,
Padfield P, Palatini P, Parati G, Pickering T, Redon J, Staessen J, Stergiou G, Verdecchia P,
on behalf of the European Society of Hypertension Working Group on
Blood Pressure Monitoring

The device has PC link capacity to
display, store or print all BP data.
Data can also be exported as a
Microsoft Excel file.

  1. Doctor
The doctor asks the patient to take home-readings
for 7 consecutive working days with the WatchBP Home.

  2. Home
At home, the patient monitors his/her BP following a
strict schedule in accordance with ESH recommendation
(duplicate morning and evening measurements for
7 working days).
In the «DIAG.» mode the device allows for only two BP
measurements to be taken in the morning (6-9 am) and
another two in the evening (6-9 pm). After completing
7 days, the device displays a symbol suggesting that
the patient has to consult his/her doctor.

  3. Doctor
Pressing the memory button on the device displays the
average of all measurements after discarding those of the
first day (as recommended by the ESH).
By pressing the button again, average
morning and evening readings as well as individual
measurements are displayed.

Additional Information:

Microlife WatchBP Home: A tool for reliable home BP monitoring strictly designed according to the European Society of Hypertension recommendations
> WatchBP Home Monitor

Microlife WatchBP Home: A home BP monitor designed according to European Society of Hypertension Working Group on BP Monitoring recommendations
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Microlife WatchBP Home: A 7-Step short Instruction on how to use the Microlife WatchBP Home Monitor
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Microlife WatchBP Home: A streamable Movie on how to measure Blood Pressure correctly with the WatchBP Home Monitor
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